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Ellen Sereda

acrylic, ink, pencil and thread on paper

I almost feel redundant posting this here. I think the 4 out of 5 people who read this sorely neglected blog have already seen this piece posted on my facebook. But I really like how this turned out.

I think I’ve exhausted using my kids as models.  I’m meeting a friend tomorrow who is posing for me.   I’ve had my own issues with using friends in artwork before because I find myself  getting wrapped up in their own anxieties about their appearance and I let their personality influence the art too much. In the end,  all I make are exceptionally boring portraits. When I use my kids in my artwork I see them as vehicles for an idea I want to convey, not a portrait of them. And kids are far less self conscious, they’re not worried about the sags, wrinkles, fatty rolls that might show up, they just see posing as play. I’ve decided to approach my friends the same way from now on.  Letting go of the traditional portrait idea has gotten me really inspired about what the end results may be.  For better or worse, I think tomorrow my incredibly down to earth friend is going to end up surrealistically glam.

Speaking of unusual portraits, you can go here, upload a photo and transform yourself into a Modigliani or an ape or a manga character. Yep, bit of a time waster. Here’s a little montage I did, the man one freaks me out the most for some reason:



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