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Illustration Friday - Contagious

This week’s Illustration Friday is Contagious. I had every intention of doing something upbeat, like the contagion of great ideas, but instead just quickly doodled this tonight with whatever came to mind. I also was too lazy to gather my art supplies so I drew this with my kid’s art supplies they had lying around – pen, pencil and crayon, then smeared in a little digital black after scanning it.

I asked people on Facebook what was their favorite light reading book they’d read over and over again. I’ve decided to read the books from everyone’s answers. The first answer I got was Stephen King’s The Stand. How fitting for this weeks IF theme since The Stand is all about man made plague and apocalypse. And certainly a little plague, with an added dose of mutation crept in my drawing today.

Anyone else have any suggestions for favorite books they’d read over and over again?


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