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Not always what it seems..


I did this piece yesterday, the drawn birds pop out from the background.  As I was looking for something to collage in the background, I abandoned the pretty paper I had lined up. I couldn’t resist the urge to use an article from a 2006 issue of  Harper’s Magazine entitled, “American Gulag”. It’s  about Guantanamo. Suddenly my quaint bird picture gained a little more substance, even if only to me or to those who read the fine print off the flowers.


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Messing about


“It’s simple, you just take something and do something to it, and do something else to it. Keep doing this and pretty soon you’ve got something.” Jasper Johns.

I love this quote.  It strips art of  much of it’s pretentiousness. Art made simple. Art = you have an idea, go manipulate materials and try to make it happen OR just manipulate materials and SEE what happens.

I’m about halfway through Jasper Johns quote with this one. I had about two and a half hours to fill while my daughters and their friends swam in the community pool yesterday.  I doodled, among my drawings was this bird and the (whateveritis?) birdhouse/lock. I have new gray and black mica embedded paint which I love and layered on an art board when I got home from the pool.  The glare is the glitter of the gray mica  peeking through the scratched out doodle.  It’s actually really pretty (the glitter anyway).

I know this piece isn’t that successful. I’ve been struggling with sorting out big assemblages and hitting my limitations and learning curves every step of the way.  Stopping everything and just working on something simple, like this little piece helped my anxiety, as does watching this song from the Discovery Channel. Who cares if my attempt at assemblages isn’t working out at the moment, the world is still so awesome! “Boom De Ya Da”.

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Ellen Sereda

Acrylic on cradled wood panel


This isn’t the greatest photo, the paint is still wet and there’s a glare.  I’ve been yearning (actually fondling them at the electronics store) for a digital SLR camera and I realize it might be a necessity if I want to take good photos of my artwork.

I started this painting a few months back and finally got back to finishing it. I like it but I prefer the thumbnails I did of it more.  Having an image of the final piece in my mind, of something more powerful, more engaging is a bit of a bummer when it doesn’t translate with the same intensity in reality. Perhaps it could have a lot to do with the flush of an initial idea that you loved, then getting time away from the idea your enthusiasm wanes a bit and you become more pragmatic. That is so much of the creative process – excitement, the busyness of starting to work out an idea,   than  a little bit of work and drudgery, then objectivity and doubt, then more work, then enthusiasm again, completion, satisfaction or dissatisfaction.  Then onto the next idea.

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